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What Is Vellux

America’s most trusted name in blankets. Best in Warmth. This lightweight blanket offers warmth. Perfect for year round relaxation. Vellux blankets are recommended for those who suffer from allergies and also for children, as the blankets are specially designed to withstand frequent washing and drying. The blankets are really cozy, lightweight and durable, making them an ideal selection for comfort during the year.

Most properties find it’s the lowest cost per use, while it isn’t the lowest priced glider. The Vellux Blanket is manufactured using a polyurethane foam insulating base, providing outstanding warmth without hefty weight. Afterward a scrim, or webbing layer, is bonded in between two layers of this polyurethane foam. A adhesive is inserted, which provides a base shade to the blanket. Adhering to this adhesive are millions of nylon fibers that are miniature, which pass through the electrostatic field, which makes them stand on end and drives them vertically to the blanket. The blanket is soft and pliable since the fibers are extremely small in diameter.

The benefit of the Vellux Blanket is that it’s life. Due to this building process, it can be machine washed over and over without melting, shrinking, or pilling — ordinary difficulties with blankets. The Vellux Blankets are hypo-allergenic due to its nature that is non-pilling. The Vellux Blanket includes a 1 inch two needle self hem, therefore it doesn’t offer a jump or stitched option.

Vellux blankets are a great choice for both families and resort chains with children. Apart from being oh-so-soft, these cozy blankets are the selection for keeping away dust mites. They’re composed of two layers of polyurethane foam sandwiched between cloth made from countless nylon fibers. This composition creates the blanket that is ideal for snuggling allergen-free; it’s comfortable without the dust mite interlopers, and warm but not stuffy, light but thick.

There are dozens. The blankets come so everyone in the family can have one. There are a lot of color choices! You’ll almost certainly be able to find one to match your d├ęcor. There are nine distinct colors ranging from light blue to brownish to reddish. You can wash your Vellux blanket by hand or in the washing machine. At least every six months you need to wash the blanket. Don’t use bleach and be certain to line dry. Make certain to wash Vellux blankets on gentle and cold settings, because some users in an Amazon forum have reported damage as well as disintegration in sexy washing cycles. There is a threat of disintegration in the wash if you store your blanket for longer than six weeks without washing it.

1. Vellux Original Blanket
The Vellux Original Blanket is a favorite for customers, especially those with dust mite allergies. The blanket is warm and soft, with a velvety feel. It assists you have dreams, controls temperature, and keeps dust mites away.

2. Vellux Plush Blanket
The Vellux plush blanket is essentially the same as the original edition, except that it is heavier and warmer. Like the first, Vellux Plush is soft and watertight.