GT3000 Air Purifier

GreenTech Environmental calls Gray Tennessee house. And, their founder Allen Johnston continues to develop an organization devoted to improving the quality of life through the usage of natural technologies. After it closed its doors in 2009 he chose to continue his work by starting GreenTech … in his basement. GreenTech now produces water cleansers, lighting options, heating units, and entire house energy management items. Greentech experiencing substantial growth, and the GT 3000 air purifier continues to sell. GreenTech has a function and they actually stand behind their products.

GT 3000 professional-grade air cleanser is remains one of our top recommended purifiers. And, according to GreenTech, the GT 3000 likewise supplies protection against a broad range of airborne pathogens and contaminants. Like lots of other quality systems, this cleanser is fantastic at getting rid of dust, family pet dander, and pollen. GreenTech points out that this design likewise effectively defends versus airborne mildew, mold, e-coli, and salmonella. Not just does the GT3000 consisting of a balanced ionization system and a germicidal high-intensity UV light, which work together to rid the air of odours, smoke and chemical impurities, however it also takes diluted H2O2 and mists it into the air where it floats around, cleansing and purifying, picking surface areas and killing pathogens at their source.

Four advanced technologies to ruin contamination from the air, embedded in walls, ceilings and other surface areas. Previously understood as GT 3000, Pure Air 3000 functions enhanced air circulation, ionization, and filtration result in never ever prior to experienced performance. Enjoy the latest advancements in Whole House Air Purifiers with pureAir 3000 by GreenTech Environmental.

Away mode enables you to use Ozone to clean and cleanse when no one is the around. It’s a smart function considering that Ozone aggravates delicate breathing systems. In “Away Mode” you select from 4 timer controlled settings, ranging from 2 to 8 hours. This supplies maximum output, while you’re away. Like we stated earlier … inform yourself about Ozone producing devices. And never, ever, utilize this feature while you or your liked ones are present.

The GT3000 comes with a complete functional push-button control that permits you to become Typical Mode, High Mode and Away Mode, allows you to select fan speeds and can dim the lights for a much better night’s sleep. It’s excellent to have whatever right at your fingertips. We really believe the finest use may be in boats and Recreational vehicles. Every Snowbird understands that when not in usage, a Recreational Vehicle or boat can end up being rather moldy. And, this unit’s technology is terrific for that application.

GT3000 Specs:
– Coverage: 200 – 3000 square feet
– 220 Volts, 50/60HZ
– 90 Watts power intake
– 0-360 mg of ozone per hour
– 5 speed fan – max 11,55 m3/min
– 24 to 30 kv, 20-30 Khz ion generation pulsation
– Repaired 6 KV DC Needle ion generator
– Electrostatic lint screen
– Programmable sanitation mode: 2,4,6,8 hours
– Dimensions: 9″ large x 12″ high x 12″ deep
– Weight: 16 pounds
– No setup required
– Complete function remote control

– Away Mode
– No HEPA Filters to replace
– Extremely Quiet
– LCD Screen Reminders
– Efficiently Eliminates Damaging Pathogens
– Eco-Friendly

– Pricey
– Some preliminary setup.

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